Kingfishers (Haiku)


Flashes of azure
Sunlight pierces the darkness
To let the birds through

About Phil46

70 years old. Live in small country town called Warren in NSW Australia. Still teaching at local school on a casual basis. (Or so it was supposed to be) Live on a 10 acre property situated on the Gunninbah Creek. Five grandkids (three in Sydney, two in Dubbo). Lovely wife of forty six years. Don't play Golf.
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2 Responses to Kingfishers (Haiku)

  1. JJCorbin says:

    Haiku poems are a challenge for me to write. I really don’t get them. However, I like your poem. I feel like I want more from this poem.

    • Phil46 says:

      Haiku is an ancient Japanese form of writing. The common form is three lines of 5 syllables, 7 syllables and five syllables. The Haiku attempts to distil
      an image (usually about Nature) and interpret that image in some way; all done within the confines of the Haiku form. I’m sure that you will enjoy the intellectual
      challenge if you try to write one. As a matter of fact, they can become quite addictive. They tend to remove all the clutter from the mind and from the writing.
      Why don’t you write one and post it. Write one on “The Cheetah”. There are many Google sites giving examples.

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