Goldilocks’ Cross To Bear

Creativity Techniques for Writers Class Workbook
Write a story or poem based on a fairy-tale, folktale, or myth, that changes the ending and other elements of the original story (e.g., Cinderella’s prince marries one of the wicked stepsisters, Snow White falls in love with one of the seven dwarves…)

Goldilocks’ Cross To Bear

Goldilocks was an only child and she lived on the edge of a large forest with her father and mother. Her father supplemented his income that was derived from woodcutting, by circulating around the district at night and appropriating anything that was not locked down. His astute sense of value ensured that he never stole anything of great consequence and hence the victims of his enterprise were usually not aware of the disappearance of their asset, or they merely assumed that they had misplaced it. His long suffering wife was aware of her husband’s nighttime activities but because of the family’s parlous financial situation, she kept “Mum” about his activities. .
However, as the woodcutter started to enjoy greater success on his nocturnal excursions, he became more brazen in his technique. He began to enter sheds and residences in search of more valuable spoils. He became a burglar.
Gradually the surrounding farmers began to complain to the local constabulary that a thief was operating in the district and a task force was set up to investigate the situation. Detective Sergeant Bill Plodder assigned men to the area in and around the forest, disguised as pine trees and Friesian cows and soon his initiatives paid off.
Goldilocks set out on her daily walk and she headed off into the dark pine forest. Skipping happily along while singing a Justin Beaver song, she eventually came across a tiny cottage nestled in a sunny clearing. She called out and then knocked on the door but there was no reply. It was then that family genetics came into play. Looking furtively around, Goldilocks pushed on the door and found that it was locked. Taking a lock pick out of her pocket she soon had the door open and she entered.
Having enjoyed three bowls of porridge that she found sitting on the kitchen table, Goldilocks was luxuriating on the largest of the three chairs in the lounge room when the front door of the cottage was flung open and three pine trees wearing large black boots, clattered into the room and arrested Goldilocks on a charge of breaking and entering.
As she was led back along the track in handcuffs, Goldilocks could be heard pleading her innocence and declaring that, because of all the items that were stored in the shed at home, she thought that maybe the coppers should ask her old man, what he knew about the spate of robberies in the district.

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3 Responses to Goldilocks’ Cross To Bear

  1. ereynard says:

    Great story! The ending could have a little more punch.

  2. Jude R says:

    Liked the title. Poor Goldilocks, as if the family dynamics aren’t enough she is arrested by pine trees in black boots. She’ll be in need of therapy. I enjoyed the clever take on the fairly tale characters. Well done.

  3. Mandy G says:

    I like the fact that the voice of the narrator had an appealing playfulness to it, as if you can almost picture the twinkle in the storyteller’s eye as the fairy tale is modernized with its subtle allusions to the present.

    Well-chosen words also allowed you to encourage the reader to imagine the characters’ modus operandi in their own respective environments and smile knowingly. The verb “circulating”, for example, make me think of a crafty fox and the mum keeping “Mum” was a nicely placed observation.

    Very eye-catching title. Goldilocks might want to ask for a good lawyer as well as an experienced family therapist!

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