Lesson One – What if?

What if I could do whatever I want, go wherever I want if money and time weren’t an issue?

I would own a beautiful new car. My own 2 bedroom flat, furnished just the way I like it. I would volunteer with children’s charities. Travel anywhere around the world whenever I want to.

I would learn a new language. Meditate everyday. Have regular facials and massages. Study whatever interests take my fancy. Listen to my favourite music. Sing and dance without fear of being judged.

Read, read, read, write,write, write. I would write and publish my wok. Surround myself with children. I’m a free spirit. I’m a learner. I’m a seeker of knowledge.


Hi everyone,

This is a very rough draft. Looks more like a list, than a story or poem. Has anyone got any suggestions on how I can turn it into a story? Any help would be appreciated!


Flora Sciarra

About Floras

I'm a 46 year old early childhood educator from Melbourne Australia. I have a lifelong interest in writing. It's a wonderful medium. I'm trying this course to see where it takes me. Look forward to reading others' work as well.
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6 Responses to Lesson One – What if?

  1. Phil46 says:

    Hi Floras…I live in country NSW and I too like to write. I have found this site be excellent both in motivating and its ease of operation. The ease of direct editing of posts and the instant feed back makes it an exciting place to be. Good luck in this week’s Powerball.

  2. milly says:

    Hi Floras. Your list looks a lot like one I would have! To turn it into a story, I’d say just chose one item on your list and expand on it. For example, what would your life be like if you did learn a second language? Flush out that, and get creative with what would be different from your current life.

  3. Westy says:

    Floras, What if you wrote a story about a character with all those wishes, who keep finding ways to make each wish come true while waiting for the big win?

  4. Flora says:


    Thanks for your suggestion. The ideas are starting to flow now.


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