Lesson 2 (PT. 1): Advoidance

A group of friends ran away from their homes. All around them, their faces and names are plastered on the walls and signs, saying “WANTED FOR THEFT”. They must figure out how to get their names cleared without being caught. Their families will not believe them, they tried going to them. Now they have to run and find the person who framed them. Running across the country, they are faced with the reality that they may not be free as they were before. Everywhere they go, people will see them and call the cops. All because someone stole a prized artifact from the richest family in the whole country, the family that would put them on death penalties of they were caught by them. The artifact: a crystal ball that can tell your fate when you are touching it. Will they find the ball and clear their names? Or are they doomed for a life of running? Soon there won’t be any place for them to hide.

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  1. Rossandra says:

    With the plot spelled out like this, could you write an opening scene?

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