Twin Power or Not


Take a line of dialogue from a story you’ve written, and think of three completely different situations where someone might say that line.

(I am learning that writing short stories are not my thing.  However, I really enjoy writing poems.  But here goes something – comments are welcome)

(started 11/1/15)

Twin Power or Not

Have you ever wished that you had the power to become a twin? You thought about how fun that would be to have another you. Someone who was able to do your chores or even take a beating for you. How about someone to share things with and be your personal home friend? That would be so cool.

But really would it be like having another you? Would that person really be another you, or would it be someone who just looks like you? The other you may not even act like you. So would it really be cool to have someone like that. Guess what? I was giving this unique and strange power to bring forward a twin. This power went beyond wishing for a twin but designing this awesome person.

What happen? One day I was just tired of being the only child especially the only girl. People use to say to me, “You’re really lucky not to have a sister or brother.” While others would make this statement, “I know you are glad to be the only child.” But they didn’t know my situation and what I faced. I was a very lonely individual. To me, luck had nothing to do with it.

As I stood by the French doors, gazing out of the window. I begin to drip away, far away in the deep part of space. I was so removed from this earth that I could not hear anyone talking around me. As I continue to stare out, I felt myself going farther, farther, and farther into the world of space. You may say I was into the Imagination Space World. It felt so real to me.

In this Imagination Space World, I saw many different and strange things. There were two sets of everything. This scenery was bizarre. Even though everyone seems to be very cheerful and thrill as they walked and talked to each other.

For me, I was walking in this Imagination Space World by myself. I was alone and sad. I continued to walk until I hit this big door with a bang.

This door just appeared out of nowhere and I ran smack into it. Unfortunately, I did not get hurt. However, the door opens wide and begged me to come inside. I could hear it saying, “Welcome.” “Come in.”

I realize that doors do not open by themselves nor can they talk. My curiosity took over and I went straight in. Immediately the door closed with a loud bang. I jumped and turn around towards the door.

When I turn back around there was this tall man standing in front of me. I screened because he startled me. He said, “Don’t be afraid for I am here to grant you your wish.”

“What wish?” I said, “For I didn’t wish for anything.”

“You’re are really lucky today,” He said.  “You wanted the power to create a twin sister that looks and act like you.” As he stood with his chest lifted up with great proud coming from his eyes.

“I never wished. I was just thinking about it as I was looking out the French door window.” I replied.

“Oh well,” He mumbled, “Whatever you want to call it, I am here to grant it.” As he turned, He grunted, “Follow me.” Did I break his proud or what?

Your parents are always telling you never to follow strangers, but, in this case, I guess it would be okay. So, I follow this strange and tall man. He took five steps and turned around. He stated, “We are here.”

Are you kidding me five steps that all and we are here? We barely moved. I played along and I asked. “We are where?”

With a robust voice, he stated again, “We are here.”

With a puzzled face I said, “Okay.” Who am I to argue with this weird stranger?

He looked directly at me with wide and glassy eyes. It felt like he was penetrating me. Did he have x-ray vision or what? He stated, “I have given you the power to create yourself a twin sister. However, she has to think and act just like you.”

It was my dream comes true. Finally, someone to share my beating with, my clothes, my room, and my thoughts, this was awesome. I wanted a home personal friend. Since, I was not allowed to go out.

Then he vanished into thin air with a poop, leaving nothing behind.

I found myself back in the room looking out of the French door windows. Was I really lucky to meet this weird strange man? Did he really give me the power or not? Only time will tell.

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