Lesson 5 Surprise

If only she hadn’t opened the door
The knock she should have ignored
A kindly old man all wet and clothes warn
Begged her for food and warmth

As Janice offered the man inside
His sad tired eyes came to life
She thought in church she would be commended
But the good lord was most offended

It was the Sabbath a day of rest
This man would put her to the test
He was not a disciple as she had thought
His conversion would have to be sought

He carried a large old wooden chest
And never did it leave his site
Janice knew she was in a plight
And ran out of the house that night

She called upon the vicar
Telling of how the man had tricked her
When he came to bless the house
On the table there sat only a mouse

The chest and the old man was not there
Though in a corner a sparkle of light shone
On a photo of her husband John
He was the ghost of Christmas’s gone

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