My River (an analogy) – Lesson 4

This river I’m on keeps changing colour and consistency. At times all seems well. My boat and I glide smoothly over the calm, glistening water. After travelling this way for a while I think nothing could possible go wrong. A false sense of security creeps in. I start to sense that there are undercurrents. There must be. It’s all just too good to be true.

I gather up my courage to tread my toes in the river. That seems okay. I put my feet in. Ok, still and then my legs. No everything seems fine. No need to worry. I will just keep going in this direction. I travel further down the river. Time goes by. Nothing seems to change. The scenery is uninteresting. I keep going and keep hoping that it will change, even though I know it won’t. Leave my journey in the hands of fate for now. It will change. It’s got to. Right???

There were no trees or obstacles behind me, but now the odd branch or two appears in the water. Now I’m worried. Perhaps this change is coming, but I’m not sure I want it to. Up till now I’ve felt safe, even though it hasn’t been a particularly exciting journey. I start to speed up my boat; for whatever’s up ahead I must get through as quickly as possible.

The boat is travelling speedily along. Suddenly it hits something. What is it? The boat is tilting to one side. This isn’t good at all. I have a safety vest on board. I quickly put it on. Water is rushing into the boat. I have no choice but to abandon it and swim to the shore. I get to the shore exhausted and in shock. I don’t understand. Everything seemed to be going so well. Why wasn’t I more careful?

What do I do now? I can’t stay here on land for too long. I will miss the beautiful sunrises and sunsets if I stay stuck here. I decide to buy a new boat. One that’s more secure, more reliable. A boat that has great safety features, but will take me where I want to go. I get in the boat and continue my journey; knowing that change of scenery is neither good nor bad. It’s just change of scenery.

About Floras

I'm a 46 year old early childhood educator from Melbourne Australia. I have a lifelong interest in writing. It's a wonderful medium. I'm trying this course to see where it takes me. Look forward to reading others' work as well.
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  1. Phil46 says:

    What a shame we all tend to buy a boat that is safer and more reliable. At least you had your heart pumping for a little while when you nearly came to grief. Such moments of challenge and excitement still stay with us as we resume our mundane journey down the river of life. An interesting analogy Floras. Well done!

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