People are colours – Lesson 3

People are colours. People are green.
People are red and everything in between.

Mother’s blue. She’s feeling low,
but when she’s with her family she starts to glow.
She’s now a gorgeous shade of pink, radiating love.
We all know she’s been sent from up above.

Father is brown. He’s practical and earthy.
He never gets caught up in flights of fancy.
When mother is blue, he always knows just what to do.

Children are green,
all innocence, not mean.
All is in jest
As adults know best
Life is yet to come
We all go through this stage
Learn and play and ripen with age.

About Floras

I'm a 46 year old early childhood educator from Melbourne Australia. I have a lifelong interest in writing. It's a wonderful medium. I'm trying this course to see where it takes me. Look forward to reading others' work as well.
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  1. Alan says:

    Clever and creative.

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