Greed is good – Lesson 5

Greed is good. What? I hear you say. How can it possibly be good? Well hear me out and I will tell you how. No-one gives you something for nothing in this world. If you sit back waiting for your ship to come in: well you will just drown I reckon.

Those who say good things come to those who wait are delusional if you ask me. Waiting won’t do you any good. The person next to you will get all the riches and rewards and move on while you’re still there hoping for a pay day that never comes.

Just be good to others without expectation of a return is its own reward. Yet another line the do gooders spin you. What reward? Spiritual? Emotional? Please the only reward I want to see is a healthy bank balance. Obtain by fair means or foul. I’m not saying commit a crime, but then again if you can get away with it and make yourself rich I say go ahead. What’s wrong with that?

Life’s too short. Take what you can get. I say again greed is good, greed is good, greed is good and that’s all there is to it.

About Floras

I'm a 46 year old early childhood educator from Melbourne Australia. I have a lifelong interest in writing. It's a wonderful medium. I'm trying this course to see where it takes me. Look forward to reading others' work as well.
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