Sunsets and sunrises – Lesson 6

I see the wonderful sunset as it dips below the horizon.  It reminds me of the sunsets of my life. Life can have many sad endings. Yet endings need not be looked upon as sad, although it may feel that way at the time. It can feel as if the world is ending as it goes from day to night. It gets  so dark and dark thoughts re-surface.

It helps to remember that, just as day turns to night, night turns to day and everything that felt dark and menacing takes on a new light as the sun rises. The day’s end is a time of reflection and contemplation. Looking back on the day that’s passed. What have I learned from this day? What can I take with me into the new day that’s about to begin?

A sun rise holds promise that this new day will be so much better than the day and days that have gone by. Love, joy and happiness await interspersed with heartache and sadness. This is what makes life so beautiful for without the heartache and sadness we wouldn’t know when to appreciate the love, joy and happiness.


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I'm a 46 year old early childhood educator from Melbourne Australia. I have a lifelong interest in writing. It's a wonderful medium. I'm trying this course to see where it takes me. Look forward to reading others' work as well.
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