by Phil Leman



                                                Cocooned inside his F15

                                                He seeks a town he’s never seen

                                                A favoured son, a family’s joy

                                                Manipulates his deadly toy.

                                                From far above the highest cloud

                                                He sends a message clear and loud

                                                To mortals that he’s never met

                                                And mangles them with no regret

                                                Then flies away from pain and slaughter..

                                                To toast his day with Scotch and water.

About Phil46

70 years old. Live in small country town called Warren in NSW Australia. Still teaching at local school on a casual basis. (Or so it was supposed to be) Live on a 10 acre property situated on the Gunninbah Creek. Five grandkids (three in Sydney, two in Dubbo). Lovely wife of forty six years. Don't play Golf.
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