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My River (an analogy) – Lesson 4

This river I’m on keeps changing colour and consistency. At times all seems well. My boat and I glide smoothly over the calm, glistening water. After travelling this way for a while I think nothing could possible go wrong. A … Continue reading

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Haiku – The sunset Lesson 4

To see the sunset Setting on the horizon Fills my heart with joy

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Monkeyface vs. BoBo

I took one of Nancy’s suggestions because I love to tell this story. I have often been called the Cat Lady. No, I don’t have fifty cats. I only have two. This story is about my first cat, Monkeyface (he … Continue reading

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Lesson 4: But Why?

What are you doing? Why do you ask? Are you going out? Why are you asking? Where are you going? What’s with the Twenty Questions? Whats that? Where’a grandma? Why ask? Where is she? Why? Okay, where’s you sister? Why? … Continue reading

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Relocating. ( A different perspective)

We are quite well-known in the local area as Ollie and Oswald. We are forever grateful for the family members through the decades who chose and maintained our home at the waterfront on the peninsula extending to Wellington Point. Today … Continue reading

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Lesson 4

I did an acrostic poem with my name ALLISON Anything can be done Levels of inadequacy don’t exist Looking for a way out It’s only just begun Sinking into depths of despair On writing poetry for a dare Nothing comes … Continue reading

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Write an acrostic poem about my name

A poem about  my name- Mary Gould Writing Mary is my given name And writing fiction is my game Requiring hours of practice to hone my skill Yet today I stand before you, unpublished still   Gould, do you still … Continue reading

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Squirrels in my trees Comedians unaware The hawk is watching

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Limitations – Stories From A Study Window

My limit is to think of story ideas as seen from my study window. These are some of the ideas: Spring Flower’s Struggle Junk Yard Sunset Winter Burns Morning Birds Memoir of Bathing Birds What Happens Beyond That Garden Wall … Continue reading

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Writing tasks

From a menu (found online), choose your meal: a starter, a main course and a dessert. Write three conversations overheard during that meal: one during the starter; one during the main course; one during the dessert

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